Thursday, March 18, 2010


Mirrors used to be my enemy. I would steal glances into them hoping I would find something beautiful. Something that would take a single breath away. What I found was repulsive and I would look away within a split second. Something is different. Something is not right. I see these pictures from when I was young and I can do nothing but weep because I am not that little girl anymore. Where did I go? If I owned my own house those mirrors would have be gone.

Broken. Smashed. Cracked.

Intimacy. Intimacy. Intimacy.

6 years later I encountered that same mirror and out of pure habit I took one quick glance. With the same habit I almost looked away, but something caught my eye. Something beautiful. Someone beautiful. I fell to my knees and wept. Not because of something repulsive, but because for the first time I saw the glorious creation that I was created into. I saw the glorious creator that created me.

Mirrors used to be my enemy…until today.

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