Thursday, March 18, 2010

Grace Filled Shoes

When dark disguises itself as light it becomes suffocating.

I hate sitting in a room of good intentions and pretend to have a good time.

Traci, you have the Truth inside you. Speak it.

It’s not that easy when their eyes call me a fool every time they browse my face.

Think of the foulest thing that you could call someone and remember I heard worst.

Your footsteps are way too large for me to fit in. I fall in the craters of where you once walked every time I even try.

My love, I never asked you to walk in my footsteps. I simply want you to sing for me like you’ve wanted to for all these years. THAT is the desire I put in you and THAT is all that I want from you.

Sing…… The only thing that sets me free and the only thing I fear the most. That’s what you want? I rather try to walk in your shoes again.

My child that I am so fond of, walking in my shoes is a tragic mistake. But take heart, my grace allows my feet to fit in YOUR shoes.

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